Thursday, 12 April 2012

Let Me Be Your All

Let me paint you in black and white that you may see who you are, not what Jude described of you, for those are lies painted from wine just to get in your pant.

Let me paint you in words that you may see your worth,
and baske in the euphoria of my words,

let me entwine you in my lines that you may see the real beauty you posses in ryhme,
and then reward me with a smile that will take me the next mile.

Let me soothe you in your times of sorrow and be your pillow when all esle refuse to follow,
so I may one day be called your hero.

Let me be your mirror that you may see the beauty in your figure and see why goddesses feel they are disfigured,
then condemn me for making you feel like a demigod.

Let me taste your lips and etch everlasting happiness in your features,
tainting your future and sowing a seed of everlasting pleasure.

Let me be your today and tomorrow that you may forget the pains yesterday has caused your marrow.

All I want is to be the source of your joy so you may one day reward me with a boy.....

Friday, 23 March 2012

Through true struggle

All I wish for, is An absolute knowledge, resolute in truth, not to loot nor soothe corrupted men in suits.

Independently soliciting for youths, fighting for a lifetime with 'boots', not of war but of words,

spreading the truth to every nooks and crannies of our hotel suites (shacks) without fear of recieving a shoot from the law which has been bended to impede rights and stampede our lights,

that we may fear for our lifes hoping not to be visited by our firstborns behind bars, with scars shining brighter than stars, as a result of a beating meant to teach us a lesson to close our mouths.

Hope am making sense for I am no friends with books, let me rather re-booth and continue.

Our rights have been raped, abused and fed to books that were written by crooks.

Hillarious, we hold onto the law with our feeble hands only for the law to drop them and ask us to raise them up in the air making us fall to the ground and sometimes kissing the cold tar.

Our lands prostituted with no pay, cardboards speaking louder than voice, even heaven weeps on our behalf as we march, singing freedom songs whilst getting burnt.

Crippled voices, bones thrown at us that we may clamour for it and forget the heats, hitting ourselves hard that the dead begins to cry.

Salute to heroes that have fallen, they payed the price for the expensive comodity we now enjoy, salute to those that are still in the struggle and to those yet to join...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

oh beauty

In the island of dreams where reality is but fantasies,

Where lost hope finds comfort in the hearts of slumbering men, where sorrow seem to be at bay,

There I caught sight of a damsel whom beauty is her name and worshiped by dames.

Her beauty radiates from earth to heaven, making a ridicule of all I ever known as beauty. She is but a symbol of immortal perfection.

She sat near a baobab tree that had its fruits graced with the kind of beauty that is known only to gods,

she caught my gaze and beckoned me with a smile that crippled my heart, click click, I walked with haste like a toddler taking his first few steps to fame,

I am not to be blamed for I am a man that knows no such thing as shame. She held out her hands as I drew closer,

It seemed like an eternal journey which one will only wish never to return from.

As my hands touched hers a cold-call to love anew rang through my veins, giving me a clip of what peace looked like.

I stood still basking in the euphoria of this great moment, In her eyes I saw love that knew no bounds, I have fallen deeply in love with this damsel.

When my wit slowly crept back to me, I opened my mouth and stuttered,

Saying; one thing I ask of thee oh beauty, allow me nest my head in the cradle of your heart that my head may dance to the rhythm of the beauty-filled beats of your heart....

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lets re-live this night

The night is young, I wont yawn, blessed be the dawn for it wont come, in the dark of the night her eyes shined bright like a glowing light, her scent corrupts my mind like a dying government, she tasted like salty ocean water. Her grip was strong as she teases me with her tongue, at my slightest touch she trembles like a lusty tree to the southern breeze. Her body inviting, softly and seductively enticing calling to me to kneel and taste her secret delight, I am lost in the vortex of her endless desire, like a needle in the deserts. Her never ending abyss of desire I lustfully tap in, never wanting out, shall I compare her beauty to that of the sunrise or shall I compare the frame of her breast to that of a marmaid ?.. Freed by the laws of the day, I held her close as i watched all fall, garment by garment they all crumbled to her feet, I stroked her thigh and made her sigh, I heared her cry as I made her high. This night I long to re-live forever as I am a slave to her for eternal...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Flip, flip, her lipstick flipped, striking once striking twice, like a writers angry scribe, caressing her lips until it cried. I wished for once it was I, stealing the innocence of her lips till it dried. In October I remember, it was dried by Harmmatans vile, leaving the scars of Jude’s lies, I slide my tongue in her mouth to erase all lies and replace it with a resounding truth from my heart's files, files of love, of hate and of heart breaks. She held me tight as my lips showed her my heart..
My love is not perfect but purer than a refined gold and able to give life, not that am the creator, but am a creation that wishes to free her heart from the manipulation of half baked men who only steals from women’s well in pride, hope am making sense for I have lost my sanity to her love scent.. November I remember, it was a sight to be kept tight in my deepest chain of thoughts. she walked the corners of my room and I could swear she was nude as her scarlet gown gave away her curves to my rude eyes....
I looked at her till my manhood rised, she noticed my sight, gave a lovely smile and sighed... I remember how I toyed with her nipples whilst my mouth angrily swallowed hers... Nothing compared to that night when I undressed and made love to this worthy bride.. All sanity lost as she drew me close to implanting life and she gave a wild gasp as she reached orgasm true...
December was ushered by laughter but remembered for disaster, I watched my love gradually die like a fading star. I remember, it was that night when her lips were shining bright like a glowing light, a shadow came and tried to steal a kiss from her rose, but she had swore that only me would take her w-hole... As she struggled, he drove a whole saber in her, click, click it went in, not once but twice creating a hole that fed the road with her blood. All hell was let loose as my world stood still, heaven wept and earth was wet, my love was lying dead, my entity left, she called to me and gave that same smile, the one that began this same man and the one that threatens to send me to a strange land where deranged men dwell, ''One last request I ask of thee'' she said, give me a kiss to remember, that I may rest in heaven forever.... After this my love was gone forever. It was a December to remember, for the scar remains buried in the core of my heart for eternal.....

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A letter to my Dear..

O Aveey dear, wish you were here, your captivating voice my ears yearn to hear, this pain I no longer can bear, I wish you were near that i may lean my lips on your neck, and drop my tear on your breast
O Aveey dear, this pen i stole from loves den in sheer desperation to write you this love poem.
I am not a clown but just a brown gown sown from a fine linen, I only wish to caress your body, be the only one to see your nakedness and shield you from mens wickedness.
O Aveey dear, whenever you speak, my heart becomes weak and seeks refuge in loves peak.
I am not a freak, but merely love sick and never will I seek to be free from this curse that is set to drive me off course.
O Aveey dear please come quick for I am not well!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Prison for the poor

They won't build schools, they'll rather build prisons because they expect us to be criminals.... And them gods that wield the power of education, and speaking overly complex grammars that we may ponder and wonder and then get lost in our own blunders.... with their suits and ties which they sewed with lies of superiority and condemning us into the caves of inferiority...... They won't build a school for the minor majority, they would build a prison that we may learn to obey their authority, and fear their securities and then hide in obscurity.... There is a false belief that says 'all men are born equal' leaving the fact that we don't all get equal shots at life.... The prison as become an educational system to some and might buildings equiped with high techs a citadel of learning to others, now tell me the equity in that.....