Friday, 23 March 2012

Through true struggle

All I wish for, is An absolute knowledge, resolute in truth, not to loot nor soothe corrupted men in suits.

Independently soliciting for youths, fighting for a lifetime with 'boots', not of war but of words,

spreading the truth to every nooks and crannies of our hotel suites (shacks) without fear of recieving a shoot from the law which has been bended to impede rights and stampede our lights,

that we may fear for our lifes hoping not to be visited by our firstborns behind bars, with scars shining brighter than stars, as a result of a beating meant to teach us a lesson to close our mouths.

Hope am making sense for I am no friends with books, let me rather re-booth and continue.

Our rights have been raped, abused and fed to books that were written by crooks.

Hillarious, we hold onto the law with our feeble hands only for the law to drop them and ask us to raise them up in the air making us fall to the ground and sometimes kissing the cold tar.

Our lands prostituted with no pay, cardboards speaking louder than voice, even heaven weeps on our behalf as we march, singing freedom songs whilst getting burnt.

Crippled voices, bones thrown at us that we may clamour for it and forget the heats, hitting ourselves hard that the dead begins to cry.

Salute to heroes that have fallen, they payed the price for the expensive comodity we now enjoy, salute to those that are still in the struggle and to those yet to join...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

oh beauty

In the island of dreams where reality is but fantasies,

Where lost hope finds comfort in the hearts of slumbering men, where sorrow seem to be at bay,

There I caught sight of a damsel whom beauty is her name and worshiped by dames.

Her beauty radiates from earth to heaven, making a ridicule of all I ever known as beauty. She is but a symbol of immortal perfection.

She sat near a baobab tree that had its fruits graced with the kind of beauty that is known only to gods,

she caught my gaze and beckoned me with a smile that crippled my heart, click click, I walked with haste like a toddler taking his first few steps to fame,

I am not to be blamed for I am a man that knows no such thing as shame. She held out her hands as I drew closer,

It seemed like an eternal journey which one will only wish never to return from.

As my hands touched hers a cold-call to love anew rang through my veins, giving me a clip of what peace looked like.

I stood still basking in the euphoria of this great moment, In her eyes I saw love that knew no bounds, I have fallen deeply in love with this damsel.

When my wit slowly crept back to me, I opened my mouth and stuttered,

Saying; one thing I ask of thee oh beauty, allow me nest my head in the cradle of your heart that my head may dance to the rhythm of the beauty-filled beats of your heart....