Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lets re-live this night

The night is young, I wont yawn, blessed be the dawn for it wont come, in the dark of the night her eyes shined bright like a glowing light, her scent corrupts my mind like a dying government, she tasted like salty ocean water. Her grip was strong as she teases me with her tongue, at my slightest touch she trembles like a lusty tree to the southern breeze. Her body inviting, softly and seductively enticing calling to me to kneel and taste her secret delight, I am lost in the vortex of her endless desire, like a needle in the deserts. Her never ending abyss of desire I lustfully tap in, never wanting out, shall I compare her beauty to that of the sunrise or shall I compare the frame of her breast to that of a marmaid ?.. Freed by the laws of the day, I held her close as i watched all fall, garment by garment they all crumbled to her feet, I stroked her thigh and made her sigh, I heared her cry as I made her high. This night I long to re-live forever as I am a slave to her for eternal...

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