Thursday, 12 April 2012

Let Me Be Your All

Let me paint you in black and white that you may see who you are, not what Jude described of you, for those are lies painted from wine just to get in your pant.

Let me paint you in words that you may see your worth,
and baske in the euphoria of my words,

let me entwine you in my lines that you may see the real beauty you posses in ryhme,
and then reward me with a smile that will take me the next mile.

Let me soothe you in your times of sorrow and be your pillow when all esle refuse to follow,
so I may one day be called your hero.

Let me be your mirror that you may see the beauty in your figure and see why goddesses feel they are disfigured,
then condemn me for making you feel like a demigod.

Let me taste your lips and etch everlasting happiness in your features,
tainting your future and sowing a seed of everlasting pleasure.

Let me be your today and tomorrow that you may forget the pains yesterday has caused your marrow.

All I want is to be the source of your joy so you may one day reward me with a boy.....

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