Thursday, 13 October 2011

Prison for the poor

They won't build schools, they'll rather build prisons because they expect us to be criminals.... And them gods that wield the power of education, and speaking overly complex grammars that we may ponder and wonder and then get lost in our own blunders.... with their suits and ties which they sewed with lies of superiority and condemning us into the caves of inferiority...... They won't build a school for the minor majority, they would build a prison that we may learn to obey their authority, and fear their securities and then hide in obscurity.... There is a false belief that says 'all men are born equal' leaving the fact that we don't all get equal shots at life.... The prison as become an educational system to some and might buildings equiped with high techs a citadel of learning to others, now tell me the equity in that.....

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