Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A letter to my Dear..

O Aveey dear, wish you were here, your captivating voice my ears yearn to hear, this pain I no longer can bear, I wish you were near that i may lean my lips on your neck, and drop my tear on your breast
O Aveey dear, this pen i stole from loves den in sheer desperation to write you this love poem.
I am not a clown but just a brown gown sown from a fine linen, I only wish to caress your body, be the only one to see your nakedness and shield you from mens wickedness.
O Aveey dear, whenever you speak, my heart becomes weak and seeks refuge in loves peak.
I am not a freak, but merely love sick and never will I seek to be free from this curse that is set to drive me off course.
O Aveey dear please come quick for I am not well!

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